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Choosing a roof: Dakstiņa Jumti
Dakstiņa Jumti

A new roof not only increases the value of your home, it also improves its visual appearance. To find the right roofing material, you do not need to try out every kind of material on the roof of your house. Some of the possible choices are displayed in our web site. To know more and to break some misconceptions of tile roofing, you can browse the gallery in our web site.

Yet a roof is more than just tiles. As important are the necessary accessories and the special tiles that outline the shape of your house. If you want to facilitate the process of buying clay or concrete tiles and if you want to be sure to make the right choice of the hat of your house, we – the team of "Dakstiņa Jumti" - will be ready to help you! And remember that tiles fit both for roofs of both new buildings and reconstructed buildings.

To get information about the roofing materials we offer, you are free to download our catalogue below.